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Genex Diagnostics specializes in advanced DNA parentage testing. Our staff are DNA testing specialists and our laboratory is entirely dedicated to state-of-the-art DNA testing technology. Genex prides itself in having the most experienced technical team in the field. Our laboratory directors and professional staff have a combined experience of over 70 years in molecular biology, paternity testing, an genetics. The laboratory directors who sign the reports all hold doctorate degrees in DNA technology and are highly respected scientists who are regularly invited to speak and provide lectures on DNA technology and have published their scientific work I world acclaimed journals including Nature Genetics and Development. All of the technologists at Genex must possess at least a minimum of a diversity degree in a biological or medical science and completed course work in genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology. Genex does not employ diploma candidates (Dipl.) from technical or trade schools who do not have formal academic training. Please view current career opportunities at Genex and to apply.

Genex is a highly regarded parentage testing laboratory that routinely performs testing for hospitals, physicians, lawyers, and government organizations. Genex is a well established laboratory which regularly processes a high volume of parentage testing cases as well as a full spectrum of DNA identity testing and forensic testing services. We have an extensive relevant experience, a proven track record, a highly qualified technical team and extensive experience working with large organizations and the legal system. We are confident that our extensive experience and track record positions us at the leading provider of DNA testing services to the broadest range of clients throughout North America.

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