About Us - Quality System


Going hand-in-hand with accuracy and reliability is quality control. Genex takes extreme measures to ensure the proper care and control of all samples at all stages of the paternity testing procedure. Genex has a stringent Quality System in place. Genex is ISO 17025 accredited and accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). Genex participates in the parentage testing proficiency program of the College of American Pathologists (CAP). The CAP program is the most recognized external proficiency testing program in North America and requires rigorous testing of laboratory standards three times per year using blind control samples. Genex has consistently obtained perfect scores and ranks as one of the top parentage laboratories in North America.

In additional to its participation in externally administered proficiency testing programs, Genex also maintains rigorous internal quality control measures. The Genex Diagnostics Inc. Paternity Testing Organizational Structure and Personnel Responsibilities Manual, Paternity Testing Technical and Quality System Manual, Paternity Testing Personnel Qualifications, Training, and Continuing Education Records , Paternity Testing Equipment Set-up, Calibration, and Maintenance Records , and Paternity Testing Procedures Quality Control Records are amongst the most stringent in the industry, ensuring that the technology is used to its fullest potential. The manuals are produced in conjunction with the requirements set forth by the RCMP, FBI, AABB and CAP. Genex's manuals are amongst the most stringent in the industry. The precautions and procedures in Genex's manuals far exceeds requirements set forth by the four organizations and dictates the strict procedures used by Genex to ensure the highest quality testing.

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