DNA Testing Accreditation - ISO 17025


ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the global leader in developing technical standards for industrial, commercial, and government fields. ISO 17025, one of the most prestigious certifications in the DNA testing industry, is awarded to laboratories which exemplify technical competence in all calibration and testing activities.

Demonstrating the laboratory's commitment to providing premium DNA testing services, our laboratory is pleased to announce that we have formally received accreditation under ISO Standard 17025, placing our laboratory as one of the first few full-service private DNA paternity testing laboratories in North America to receive this accreditation. Only a small number of private and government DNA laboratories in North America have reached ISO Standard 17025, an international standard that assess the technical competency of calibration laboratories and ensures accurate data generation, controlled and reproducible testing and testing procedures, and properly qualified trained laboratory personnel. Our laboratory's success in meeting the stringent standards of ISO 17025 indicates that clients will receive the highest level of DNA testing services from a laboratory which is internationally recognized to excel in all aspects of testing quality. The scope of the accreditation awarded is "human DNA testing services for verifying identity in paternity cases, claimed biological relationship matters and civil and criminal investigations." This accreditation is the product of an intense three year effort by the laboratory to establish a world class quality system which meets or exceeds the requirements of ISO 17025.

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