DNA Paternity Testing - The Genex Advantage


The Molecular diagnostic laboratory of Genex Diagnostics is equipped with the most sophisticated equipment currently available for DNA testing. As a result, Genex is able to provide the most accurate results at the fastest turnaround time. Most of the processing is automated. Genex utilizes advanced Capillary sequencing technology. The ABI 310 and ABI 3100 sequencers utilized by Genex are the industry standard for paternity and forensic laboratories. It automates many of the steps of the paternity analysis to ensure rapid and accurate results. The laser detection of fluorescently labeled primers allows the highest degree of sensitivity. Using this technology, Genex's state-of-the-art laboratory guarantees the most accurate and reliable results available. Patients are able to enjoy faster turnaround times and the greatest accuracy permitted by current technology.

The advantages of the latest technology and strict quality control systems implemented by Genex can be readily appreciated by the fact that Genex routinely provides the most accurate results available. Genex guarantees a CPI of greater than 10,000 for all paternity inclusions (>99.99%, often >99.99999%) for paternity inclusions, and 100% for exclusions. These standards are 100 times greater than the accepted standards for legal evidence of paternity in Canada and the United States. All DNA paternity tests are performed only by doctoral level scientists, and paternity test reports are comprehensive and easily understood. DNA paternity test reports from Genex are routinely used as legal evidence of parentage in court proceedings throughout the entire country and results have never been challenged. Despite performing over two thousand tests each year, Genex Diagnostics has retained an unblemished record.

However, science and technology are not ends in themselves. The paternity advisors at Genex place individual attention to each case to ensure the highest level of patient service. With 3000 chain-of-custody collection sites throughout North America, Genex is easily assessable to patients throughout the country. Genex also has mobile collection stations to service patients who are not able to attend an appointment at one of our collection facilities. Clients, lawyers and physicians are able to request a paternity test quickly and easily by phone, fax, or secure online, and all requests are processed without delay. With a streamlined order processing system and excellent patient support, Genex ensures that every step of the paternity testing process is quick and reliable.

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