The Genex Advantage - Ease of Participant Access


The Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory at Genex currently provides DNA paternity testing services to patients from across the country and processes over 20,000 paternity cases per year. Genex places a priority on patient support and ease of access to ensure that there is no undue stress to any of the parties involved in the paternity testing process. With our streamlined request process, widespread collection facilities, and superior patient support, DNA paternity testing is easily and readily accessible to clients from throughout the United States and most countries worldwide.

Technical Accessibility

Clients from all 50 states can readily contact paternity advisors and technical support through a single toll-free number, 1-888-262-2263. Paternity Advisors are available from 8AM to 5PM Pacific Time, 11AM to 8PM Eastern Time, Monday to Friday to process requests, answer questions and schedule appointments.

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