The Genex Advantage - International Services


Genex is capable of collecting and testing samples from patients from outside of the United States. Samples are collected by Genex's overseas collection partners. Immediately after sample collection, the specimens are sent in tamper-proof containers using an internationally recognized express courier directly to the Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory of Genex Diagnostics for analysis. Genex has an international agreement with DHL Courier and Federal Express for safe transport of biological specimens from overseas. All overseas specimens are processed immediately upon receipt. Chain-of-custody documents follow all overseas specimens.

All of Genex's international collection centers are fully trained using Genex's strict collection protocols. If required, Genex is able to collect samples overseas at the Embassy in the foreign country. Strict-chain-of-custody is followed in all overseas cases. All samples are delivered to Genex by express courier and are analyzed immediately upon receipt.

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