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Genex was one of the first laboratories in North America to provide buccal swab sample collection as a readily available, affordable, and standard option. In the past, older techniques such as RFLP used by smaller labs required large amounts of DNA. Due to the small amount of DNA present in buccal cell specimens, blood was previously recommended as the specimen of choice. As a result, paternity tests involving buccal cells were previously expensive, not readily available at most collection sites, required extra laboratory processing time, and patients were frequently asked to return to a second appointment for recollection due to insufficient amounts of DNA present on the swabs from the initial collection.

Genex's state-of-the-art laboratory employs the latest PCR technology combined with capillary laser sequencing for all DNA paternity tests. The technology available at Genex is so powerful that DNA present in a single drop of blood or a single buccal cell can be amplified over one million times in under one hour. The capillary laser detection system is the most sensitive detection system available to date. As a result, even sub-optimal buccal samples (e.g. samples over 1 year old) could be easily analyzed. The amount of DNA present in a single buccal swab is more than adequate for Genex scientists to perform multiple DNA paternity tests. Buccal cells are an ideal specimen for modern DNA paternity testing labs and are a routine part of Genex's current DNA paternity testing program.

Available at all Genex Collection Sites

Genex currently offers both blood as well as buccal swab collection options at all of its DA sample collection facilities throughout the United States.

Buccal swab option also available through mobile service: The buccal cell collection option is available at all of Genex's mobile collection stations and is provided to patients upon request at no extra charge. Genex's mobile service nurses are fully trained and experienced to perform both blood collection as well as buccal swab collections.

Highly Accurate

Genex guarantees that results obtained using buccal swab specimens are just as accurate as results obtained using blood specimens. A combined paternity index of 10,000 is guaranteed for paternity inclusions (>99.99%, often >99.999%). All paternity exclusions reported using buccal swab specimens guarantee 0% probability of paternity (CPI = 0) with exclusions at three or more loci. This standard exceeds the current required legal standards by greater than 100 fold and represents the most accurate form of paternity testing that is currently available.

No Delays in Processing

DNA paternity tests performed by Genex are completed within 3 to 7 business days, regardless of whether the specimens are blood or buccal cells.

Collection Protocol

Genex employs a strict protocol for chain-of-custody collection of buccal cells that is followed by all collection facilities to ensure that buccal swab samples are collected properly, preventing delays and recollection.

No Extra Charge

The buccal swab option is available upon request to all patients (infants, children, and adults) at no extra charge.

Patient Verification

Genex has established strict protocols to ensure that all patients are properly identified at the time of sample collection.

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