The Genex Advantage - Ease of Scheduling


Scheduling a DNA test at Genex Diagnostics is a single step process. Clients will be able to order a test using one of three options:

Option 1: Phone

All tests could be scheduled by phone by calling a single toll free number, 1-888-262-2263. Paternity Advisors at Genex will be able to process the request over the phone and provide answers to any questions.

Option 2: Fax

A test can also be requested 24 hours a day by Fax. All paternity requests which are submitted by Fax are processed immediately upon receipt. All Fax requests that are received after 3:30PM are processed by 8:00AM the following day (forms could also be submitted by mail).

Option 3: Online (secure server)

Clients will be able to schedule tests via a secure on-line test request form. This allows clients to schedule appointments any time of the day, seven days a week.

Scheduling for Parties Who Live in Different Cities

Different parties involved in a DNA paternity test do not have to attend appointments at the same time or at the same location. All of Genex¡¦s collection sites follow strict identification and chain-of-custody procedures. All individuals attending appointments for sample collection are positively identified by fingerprinting and photographed. Valid photograph identification is also verified at the time of sample collection. The strict identification procedures allow different parties to attend appointments at different times and even in different cities. A color copy of the Polaroid photograph taken at the time of sample collection is automatically presented with all test reports for verification.

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