The Genex Advantage - Over 3,000 Collection Sites


The Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory at Genex currently provides DNA paternity testing services to patients from across the country and processes over 20,000 paternity cases per year. Genex places a priority on patient support and ease of access to ensure that there is no undue stress to any of the parties involved in the paternity testing process. With our streamlined request process, widespread collection facilities, and superior patient support, DNA paternity testing is easily and readily accessible to clients from throughout the United States and most countries worldwide.

Genex Diagnostics has taken extensive measures to ensure that DNA testing is easily accessible to patients throughout the United States, both in major cities as well as in small communities. By December of 1999, Genex had already successfully set up over 3,000 chain-of-custody collection sites across North America. A main goal of the Genex chain-of-custody collection network was to ensure that patients who live in rural communities are able to easily access genetic testing services without having to travel substantial distances to larger cities for sample collection. Genex collection facilities are located in most cities in all 50 states. Most of Genex's facilities are wheelchair accessible. For those who are unable to attend an appointment at our collection facility, Genex's Mobile Service Team is able to collect samples on site.

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