DNA Paternity Testing - Initiate DNA Test


Scheduling a test

Scheduling a test simply involves completing the requisition form and faxing or mailing it directly to Genex. A toll free tax number is provided. Once our laboratory receives the requisition form, we handle the entire collection, testing, and reporting procedure in an A-to-Z fashion. Clients are also able to schedule tests via our secure on-line test request form. This option allows clients to schedule appointments any time of the day, seven days a week.

Quick Response

Unless otherwise indicated, upon receipt of the request form, Genex will contact the clients directly to arrange an appointment at the time and location which is most convenient for the client.

Flexible Hours for Appointments

With an efficient booking system, Genex is able to schedule appointments from 9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday at most locations, with Saturday collections available in major cities. After hours collection can also be accommodated by our on-site collection staff of registered nurses at mobile stations. All appointments at Genex could be scheduled within a few days with no waiting period at most locations throughout the Untied States, preventing any delays.

Flexible Scheduling

Different parties involved in a DNA paternity test do not have to attend appointments at the same time or at the same location. The strict identification procedures allow different parities to attend appointments at different times and even in different cities.

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