DNA Paternity Testing - Legal Services


Expert Testimony

Genex Diagnostics Inc. ensures that expert testimony will be provided where necessary. A Ph.D level representative and/or laboratory technical management representative from the laboratory will be available to testify in courts throughout the United States and Canada. Genex has had extensive experience in providing opinion letters and expert court testimony. Genex is also able to readily provide expert affidavits, written expert opinions for tests performed at other laboratories, and advice documents for submission in court. Genex's paternity test reports are used as legal evidence of parentage in courts throughout North America on a daily basis. Our advisors are experienced with court procedures and have had extensive experience in working with courts throughout North America. Requirements for testimony, opinion letters and supporting documentation are arranged by contacting the customer service staff at Genex.

Court Testimony

Genex Diagnostics Inc. provides expert testimony where necessary for cases performed by the laboratory. A Ph.D. level representative will be available to testify in courts throughout North America. Expert witnesses are also available.

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