DNA Paternity Testing - Understanding DNA Test Results


Conclusions of a DNA paternity test are achieved by detailed analysis of many genetic markers and often involves complex statistical analysis. Genex ensures that the data and conclusions for each paternity test is presented in a logical and orderly fashion so that it becomes easily understood both by genetic experts as well as by people without any genetic background.

Comprehensive Results Package

The results package is intended to provide both a simple statement of the conclusions of the test, as well as a comprehensive genetic report. The package is designed to be easily understandable, but also contain sufficient detail for patients who are interested in understanding how the conclusions were made.

A standard final laboratory report outline is utilized for most cases. The standard legal report contains three parts:

Part 1

The first part of the results package will be a cover letter which provides a statement that summarizes the conclusions of the DNA paternity test. The letter will either state that the alleged father has been excluded as the biological father of the child, and that the probability of paternity is 0% for paternity exclusions; or the letter will state that the probability of paternity is greater than 99.9% for paternity inclusions.

Part 2

The second part of the results package will be a comprehensive report which provides a detailed list of the results of all tested DNA loci, paternity indices, collection information, probability of parentage, and the combined paternity index.

Part 3

A results interpretation sheet and glossary of terms is included.

Language of Report

The paternity report will be submitted in English.

Genex maintains 100% confidentiality for all tests. The results of testing are released only to the individuals indicated in the original test request form. In cases where a legal test is ordered by your lawyer, Genex will be able to fax the results to your lawyer immediately upon completion of the test and the hard copy follows by mail. If you are not represented by a lawyer, Genex will be able to submit the results documents directly to you. All files are securely password protected and non-one will every have to ability to gain access to your file without your password and file number. As a result, you have 100% control over who gets to find out about the results of the test. If you choose not to share your password and file number with anyone, no-one but yourself will ever have access to the results. Genex will not under any circumstances disclose the results to any other party. For more information about privacy, read Genex's privacy policy.

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