Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


In this section you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we have received from our clients.

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Q.Can the test be performed without the mother?

Yes. The paternity test can be performed even if the mother is not available for testing. The results will be conclusive even without the mother. In most cases, the mother already knows that she is the mother and thus there is no reason to test her.

Q.Is blood collection required?

No. Using the latest technology, a sample can be collected quickly and painlessly by rubbing a swab gently inside the mouth. Our laboratory processed blood and swabs and there is no extra charge if you choose to use the modern swab collection procedure. Because DNA is the same everywhere in the body, it doesn't matter whether the DNA came from the blood or from cells inside the mouth, it is still the same and the test is just as accurate using either methods.

Q.How are the samples collected?

The samples are collected by rubbing a swab gently inside the mouth against the cheek for ten seconds.

Q.What if the mother, child and alleged father live in different states?

The test can be conducted easily even if the parties to be tested do not live together. In the case of legal testing, our laboratory will schedule appointments for each individual in their area. Because everyone is positively identified by fingerprinting and photography during the appointment, it doesn't matter if individuals go in to appointments at different times and even in different locations. If you are proceeding with the private test, our laboratory can split the kit up and send the correct portion to different addresses. Because the testing kits are individually barcoded, the different parties can take their samples separately and send them back to the lab.

Once the sample reach the lab, they will be tested together because they came from the same original kit and have the same barcode numbers. To order a split kit online, click on this link and enter the additional addresses in the comments box of the order form. The kit will automatically be split and shipped out to the correct addresses. If you have any questions, call our laboratory at 1-888-262-2263.

Q.What if I do not live in the United States?

It does not matter where in the world you reside, Genex will be able to help you. If you are proceeding with private testing, we will be able to ship the testing kit internationally to any country in the world. There are no extra charges. Click here to proceed with the private testing.

Q.What age does the child have to be?

DNA paternity testing can be conducted for individuals at any age. A swab can be taken quickly and safely even from a newborn.

Q.How long does testing take?

The turnaround time for paternity testing is 5 to 7 business days. For express testing, results are available in 3 to 5 business days. If you are in a special situation and would like to order a special request service for even faster testing, please contact our laboratory to inquire about current fees.

Q.What is the difference between a legal test and a SwabTest private test?

Our laboratory uses legal testing protocols for both legal as well as private tests, so whether you choose to proceed with legal testing or private testing, you will still receive conclusive results. The only difference is the method of sample collection. If you need to use the results in court and would like to proceed with legal testing, you will have to attend an appointment at one of our specimen collection facilities for chain of custody specimen collection. During the appointment, everyone will be fingerprinted and photographed. The identification documents are verified and a entire collection procedure is witnessed.

If you do not require the fingerprinting and photography and only need to know the truth about paternity so that you can decide what step to take next, you can proceed with private testing through SwabTest.

Q.Other than buccal swab samples, what other types of samples can be used?

Our laboratory has a forensics testing division which specializes in forensic testing. Forensic samples which can be tested include but are not limited to: blood stains, saliva stains, hair with roots, bone, teeth, urine, razor shavings, etc. Click on this link to read more about our forensic testing services.

Q.Do you charge for telephone consultation?

No. There is no charge for telephone consultations. Our technical staff are available to assist you Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM PST, 11AM to 8PM EST.

Q.What if I have more questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact our laboratory at 1-888-262-2263 or contact us here.