DNA Testing for Legal Counsels


Genex is committed to providing the highest level of service to the legal community.

Service and Technology innovation is emphasized at Genex Diagnostics. Our continued and dedicated use of state-of-the-art technology, including PCR and fluorescent capillary electrophoresis, has allowed the introduction of new standards to the legal DNA testing market, including greater accessibility for buccal swab collections, decreased fees, and improved accuracy. An important quality control measure employed by Genex Diagnostics is the Dual-Sampling method, which means that every test is performed twice, independently, to ensure the highest level of reliability. Clear, concise, and reliable data together with superior service ultimately results in a more streamlined process, decreasing unnecessary workload burdens to the Legal Representatives.

Genex provides the following steps to ensure smooth processing for cases involving legal counsels:

Lawyer Package

To familiarize lawyers with the paternity testing procedure, Genex provides a comprehensive introductory package to legal counsels. The package includes:

  • Preliminary information for Lawyers pertaining to DNA testing at Genex
  • Fee schedule
  • DNA Paternity Testing Requisition Form
  • Patient Informational Brochures regarding DNA paternity testing for distribution to patients who will be undergoing testing

Scheduling a Test

Scheduling a test simply involves completing the requisition form and faxing it directly to Genex Diagnostics. From that point, Genex handles the entire collection, testing, and reporting procedure in an A-to-Z fashion. Unless otherwise specified, Genex will contact all of the patients to schedule appointments for chain-of-custody sample collection. The comprehensive results package is available within 3 to 5 working days. The results are immediately faxed to the FMP workers and/or contract lawyers stated in the original request form, and the original documents will follow by express courier. Lawyers can also schedule testing online using the Online Scheduling Form.

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