DNA Testing for Legal Counsels - Applications


Genex prides itself in its unparalleled customer support and its focus on patient care. Genex staff provide individual attention to each and every case to make sure that every case is completely smoothly.

Language Barriers

Patients presenting for DNA paternity testing on rare occasions are unable to communicate properly in English. As a result, they may have specific questions and concerns that could not be answered in English. Genex is a multilingual laboratory which is able to counsel patients in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, and Russian.

Inability to Attend an Appointment

On rare occasions, a patient may state that he/she is unable to attend an appointment during regular working hours. Genex is able to make special provisions to accommodate requests for weekend or evening collection through its mobile service staff.

Special Collections

On occasion, the paternity of a child must be determined prior to birth. Genex provides prenatal paternity testing options to expectant mothers after the 12 th week of pregnancy through chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis. These tests are currently routinely performed by Genex in conjunction with physicians throughout North America and offers conclusive paternity test results.

One of the Patients is Currently in Prison

Genex's mobile service staff is able to perform chain-of-custody collections from prison.

The Alleged Father is Travelling or is out of the Country

Genex has over 3,000 chain-of-custody sites throughout the United States. We are generally able to schedule patients into most of our collection facilities for same-day collection. In addition, Genex has a network of chain-of-custody collection facilities in Canada and in major centers worldwide.

Violent Situations

On occasion, it is necessary to ensure that even if the mother and alleged father are in the same town, it is important for them to have separate appointment times to avoid conflict or violence. Genex is able to collect samples from different parties at different times and at different locations to ensure that different parties do not contact each other directly. The appointment times, date, and location are not disclosed to the other party for security.

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