DNA Testing for Legal Counsels - Patient Verification


Genex has established strict protocols to ensure that all patients are properly identified at the time of sample collection. All Genex collection laboratories and personnel who perform collections are required to adhere to the identification protocol to ensure that all patients attending the appointment are properly identified. Genex's verification procedures ensure that all individuals presenting for specimen collection are identified in three ways:

1. Verification of Identification Documentation

All patients are required to bring photographic identification with them to their appointment (driver's license, passport). When patients are contacted to schedule appointments for sample collection, they are instructed on the proper type of identification to bring to their appointments. During the time of the appointment, all patients are required to present two pieces of legal identification (one must be photographic identification, e.g. Driver's license, passport) for verification. For children, the guardian is asked to bring the child's birth certificate and health care card. All documentation must be original. No photocopies are accepted.

The collector will verify all required identification documents and sign a form to confirm that he/she has properly verified the identification documents. The identification documentation is then photocopied and the photocopy is attached to the accompanying paperwork.

2. Photograph

A Polaroid photograph is taken of the patient at the time of sample collection for later verification. Children are photographed together with their legal guardian. The bottom of the photograph is labelled with the patient's name, dated, and the patient is asked to sign the bottom of the photograph. The photograph is then attached to the paperwork that accompanies the samples. In the event that the facility does not have a camera, the client will be asked to bring a passport photograph to the appointment.

3. Fingerprint

The third required identification procedure is fingerprinting. All collection sites are supplied with forensic fingerprint pads. A right thumbprint is taken from all patients during the time of the appointment. For infants, a right footprint is obtained. The strict identification procedures ensure that the identity of the person attending the appointment can be verified. This is especially important because in many cases, the mother and child may have to attend an appointment at a different location or city from the alleged father. All identification documents are kept on file at Genex and are available for examination upon request.

Immediately after sample collection, the samples are labeled with the patient's name and date of birth. The patient is then asked to initial the specimen container as being their own. All samples are packaged securely into a tamper proof container. The container is then sealed with a tamper evident security seal. The patient is asked to initial the security seal and the security seal is also signed by the collector. All chain of custody documents, verification documents and photographs accompany the sample during delivery. At the laboratory, the identification documents are kept in secure storage for later verification if needed.

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