Special Services - Overview


The scientists and genetic advisors at Genex have encountered and successfully processed nearly every possible scenario. Such cases include but are not limited to: regular paternity, regular maternity, motherless paternity, fatherless maternity, alleged fathers who are brothers or father and son, reconstruction of paternal identity, grandparentage, avuncular testing, sibship, twin zygosity, paternity testing from cases involving incest, from histological slides from deceased individuals, from DNA banked with our laboratory for estate claims, from blood or buccal cells, from amniocentesis before birth, from chorionic villus samples before birth, for urgent request where samples are required in under 24 hours and many other scenarios.

The most popular specialty tests offered by Genex are as listed (click on the link to read more):

If you are in a special situation and require a test not listed above, please contact Genex directly at 1-888-262-2263 to discuss your situation. Our technical staff will be able to provide you with technical advise on the test that will be suit your requirements.

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