DNA Ancestry Test - Applications


Find Family Connections and Family Origins

Y-DNA testing allows males to determine if they have a common male ancestor in their paternal line. Genealogists use Y Chromosome testing to accurately trace the male lineage. The Y-Chromosome is passed down from the paternal line the same way that the surname is passed down (e.g. father to son to grandson, etc.). As a result, by testing the Y-Chromosome, you are able to find and link together male relatives who share a common male ancestor many generations ago. This is an invaluable tool for genealogists and allows two or more males to determine whether they share a common ancestor in their paternal line.

Applications of the Y-DNA Test

  • Accurately trace your last name (surname)
  • Determine whether your surname is from the same family as other lines which share your surname.
  • Confirm stories and rumours about your family line.
  • Identify your ethnic and geographic origin for recent as well as far distant relatives on your direct male descending line.
  • Check your Native-American or African Ancestry
  • Check for the Cohanim Ancestry
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