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With rapid advances in DNA testing technology, the science of Genetic Genealogy is now commercially available to genealogists to aid them in their research, accurately link family lines, solve questions where no paperwork exists, and confirm research findings. Genetic Genealogy is now a powerful and indispensable tool for genealogists.

Genealogists are able to use genetics to trace deep anthropological roots, and link family lines. By utilizing Genetic Genealogy, genealogists are now able to quickly and accurately solve genealogy puzzles, confirm stories, link family lines, and find answers to situations where paperwork does not exist.

The Importance of Y-DNA Testing

Y-DNA testing has become an indispensable tool for genealogists. Y-DNA testing accurately traces the male surname (male lineage), is used to find new family lineages and is the only definitive way to confirm existing ones. DNA has the power to determine whether two individuals share a common ancestor.

DNA Testing Can Open Doors for Genealogists

  • Are you stuck in your research and need to conclusively verify a linkage between two family lines?
  • Do you want to find proof of relationship or discover new relationships to others which share your surname?
  • Do you require conclusive evidence that two individuals with the same surname are related?
  • Are you interested in discovering other family lines which share a common ancestor with yourself?

Y-DNA testing can provide conclusive answers to these questions.

Commerical Available

In the past few years, Y-DNA testing technology has become commercially available to genealogists and opens doors that that genealogists could only dream of in the past.

Y-DNA testing has now become a vital and powerful tool for genealogists.

Highest Quality DNA Testing Services

  • 12-STR-marker, 20-STR-marker, 44-STR-marker, 67-STR-marker, and 91-STR-marker tests available
  • Upgrade testing available to improve the discriminating power of lower resolution testing previously performed at other laboratories
  • Genex offers the 91 marker test, the world's most powerful Y-DNA test
  • Custom Y-DNA STR marker tests are available upon request
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