DNA Ancestry Test - History



The first polymorphic Y-DNA (Y-Chromosome) STR marker Y-27h39 (now known as DYS19) was discovered.


30 markers had been discovered. These markers were utilized by genealogists to trace their family roots. Unfortunately, because only approximately 30 markers had been discovered, genealogists wishing to refine their studies were limited by the number of markers available at the time.

Between 2002 - 2004

Scientists have been successful in uncovering more than 200 additional markers on the Y-DNA. This discovery will allow genealogists to map huge regions of their Y-DNA and obtain precise information regarding their ancestry and family line.

The number of markers tested by a laboratory is limited to the technology that they have available. Due to the recent completion of the Human Genome Project and improved bioinformatics, there recently has been significant progress in Y-DNA testing technology. In the past year, more than 200 additional markers on the Y-DNA have been discovered and deposited in the Genome Database.

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