DNA Forensic Test - Samples


Examples of samples which are commonly submitted to our laboratory for testing include:

  • Dried blood stains (e.g. dried blood on bandages, on tissue, cotton, or paper)
  • Dried underwear stains (e.g. stains on underwear, pads, tampons, diapers)
  • Dried semen stains (e.g. stains on tissue, underwear)
  • Dried saliva stains (e.g. cigarette butts, stamps, stains on clothing or napkins)
  • Hair (hair works very well if it is plucked directly from the head. Hair which has fallen off natural on hair brushes or pillows may work but is not as good as freshly plucked hair. Cut hair will not work. Hair must have root)
  • Razors shavings from electric razor (fingernail clippings will not work)
  • Bone, teeth, tissue (from deceased individual)

Any sample which contains biological material has a chance of working. If you have any questions in regards to your situation, please call Genex at 1-888-262-2263 directly.

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