DNA Forensic Test - Submitting Samples


Please follow the instructions below when submitting forensic samples to Genex for testing:

  1. Contact Genex directly by telephone at 1-888-262-2263 to discuss your situation. Please indicate the type of forensic sample you have, the type of testing you would like to conduct, and any other relevant information and questions. Our staff will analyze your case and determine whether we will be able to help you. If our laboratory determines that your forensic sample can be tested, we will start a file for your and issue a case number and password for your case. We will also discuss with you the best way to submit the samples to us. If the samples have not yet been collected, our staff will be able to give your suggestions on the best way to retrieve the sample.
  2. Once you have a case number at Genex, you can send the forensic samples in to our laboratory for testing. Label each sample with the case number. Download the following forms, fill them out, and include them with the forensic samples when you send them in to our laboratory for testing:

  3. Testing will begin immediately once our laboratory receives your samples. Results of testing are available approximately 7 - 9 business days from the day that we receive your samples.
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