DNA Maternity Test - Applications


DNA maternity testing is commonly used by families who have undergone in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and want to double check that the egg that was used for the IVF was indeed from the correct woman. Genex has also processed many cases of suspected hospital mix ups. In such cases, the children are accidentally mixed up in the hospital after birth. A simple DNA test will be able to immediately determine whether a mix up has occurred and will even be able to match the child back with the correct mother.

The most common reason that individuals proceed with DNA maternity testing is in situations of reunification of adopted children with their biological mothers. More and more often, birth mothers and adopted children are striving to reunite. However, because children are usually taken away from the birth mother shortly after birth, it is impossible to recognize a grown child many years later. In cases where paper records from the adoption agency are limited or unavailable, DNA testing will help to correctly reunify a mother and child. In many cases, even if the record could be traced, the reunited family request DNA testing just to conclusively reconfirm the relationship.

  • Adult children who were adopted and are seeking their biological mothers.
  • Mothers looking for children which were given up for adoption at an early age.
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