Special Services - mtDNA Test (Mitochondrial DNA Test)


Both men and women can take the mitochondrial DNA test to trace the ancestry of their maternal line and to search for maternal relatives. Mitochondrial DNA is passed down from the mother to all of her children. Both men and women have mtDNA, but only the woman passes down the mtDNA to her children. The mitochondrial DNA is not passed down from the father. Thus, an individual's mitochondrial DNA is inherited from his/her mother's mother's mother's mother and so on. This pattern of inheritance allows genealogists and anthropologists to accurately trace the history of their maternal line. It has been hypothesized that all people on this earth today originated from 7 original mitchondrial lines. By testing your mitochondrial DNA, we are able to detect the direct ancestry and geographical origin of your maternal line.

Genex is able to test the HVR-1 and HVR-2 regions of your mitochondrial DNA.

Upon completion of either the mtDNA HVR-1 or HVR-2 test, you will receive a certificate from Genex which documents the entire HVR1 and/or HVR2 region of your mitochondria. The document will also tell you which part of the world your maternal line originated from and also provide you with information regarding whether you have Native American Ancestry along your maternal line.

mtDNA HVR-1 (Hypervariable Region 1) Test

The mtDNA HVR-1 Test examines approximately 500 base pairs within the HVR-1 region.

mtDNA HVR-2 (Hypervariable Region 2) Test

The mtDNA HVR-2 Test examines a different region of the mtDNA than the HVR-1 Test. The HVR-2 test is useful for refining the results of the mtDNA HVR-1 test.

mtDNA Full Sequencing Test

The mtDNA Full Sequencing test examines the entire Mitochrondia DNA, including HVR-1, HVR-2, and coding region.

If you would like to proceed with mitochondrial DNA testing, please contact our laboratory at 1-888-262-2263.

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